The Book

This book is built on questions! Amazingly, Inquiry-Based Learning is the most powerful way to lead and teach effectively. Why? Inquiry is the way God naturally created us to learn from birth. Every time we hear, see, or touch we initiate an inquiry. Current research has shown that inquiry stimulates greater interest than telling. When we tell children what to do and what to believe, they quickly lose interest and forget our wonderful words of loving wisdom. However, when we ask questions, we engage their minds and hearts and ignite a desire to learn and understand. This is called curiosity, the initiator of a growth mindset!
Who Is God? is written to read to your children from birth, as you rock them and hold them close to your heart. Word by word, and moment by moment, you will be developing an environment that acknowledges and worships God. Don’t worry that they may not understand all the words at this stage of life. Reading will develop a vocabulary that includes and prioritizes learning about God. You will be inviting and allowing God to nurture your child’s beautiful heart! Can you imagine the impact that will have?